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naked Natasha Flade gagged with a washcloth on bathroom floor
naked Natasha Flade gagged with a washcloth on bathroom floor

I was born in Detroit, Michigan. I've had bondage fantasies as far back as I can remember--even when I was a little girl. Of course, back then, I didn't know what bondage even was, or that my fantasies were bondage related. I just knew that I liked to close my eyes and pretend that I was being kidnapped and tied up.

My earliest bondage fantasy involved me walking by myself in the woods. I would be kidnapped by a group of men who would take me back to some sort of hide-out they had in the woods. To this day, I have no idea why these men were "hiding out" or why exactly they wanted to kidnap me. Anyway, the fantasy was that these men would tie me to a long table in their hidden place in the woods. They didn't hurt me or anything. In fact, quite the contrary. What these men did was tie me up so they could "force" me to experience sexual pleasure with various sorts of machines and toys. One of them, maybe more, would tell me to not resist and just let myself experience the pleasure. (I know this sounds a bit much for a little girl of about eight to be fantasizing about but, hey, I guess I just wasn't your average little girl. )

I think it was night about this time in the fantasy because all of the men would go to bed, but one of them always snuck up to me later on and started touching me all over the place, first my breasts and then moving his hands lower. He would tell me to be quiet because he wasn't supposed to be doing this and he didn't want the others to find out. I was never actually raped in this fantasy because I was so young I had never had sex before and didn't really know what that would feel like. (Of course, I was also too young to buy adult toys, but that didn't prevent me from using various objects I could find around the house...)

As I said, this was my earliest and most frequent bondage fantasy that I can remember. Sometimes it would vary. For example, sometimes, more than one man would come back to fondle me. Other times, my arms and legs would be held down by the men as they took turns having their way with me. One thing never changed about the fantasy and that is that I was always kidnapped and restrained against my will while men had their way with me sexually.

My fantasy life didn't spill over into my real life until I got much older. It never even occurred to me while I was growing up that people actually played bondage games, or that there was material dedicated entirely to bondage. I was pretty naive to all that until about one and one-half years ago when I met Isaac W. of Centaur Celluloid. I had always wanted to model, but had gone to college instead. Then, one day, I found myself in need of a little extra cash. I picked up a Detroit Metro Times and was looking through the classifieds when I saw Isaac's ad looking for bondage models. The ad said you didn't actually have to have sex with anyone, so I thought I would give it a try. Isaac agreed to interview me and that's when I first discovered what bondage was. So I guess you could say I was a bondage virgin when I met Isaac.

My very first bondage shoot was with Isaac. I'll never forget that shoot because something very strange happened. We shot a couple of different scenes. In one scene, I was tied spread eagle to Isaac's bed. This position was just like I was tied up in my bondage fantasy that I was telling you about. All of sudden, I realized I was getting very horny being tied in this position! I was really embarrassed about this even though I'm sure Isaac never knew. That was the last scene we shot that day, so I left shortly afterward and drove home thinking how strange it was that being tied up like that had really turned me on. After that, I started to experiment with bondage in my sexual reality. I tried self-bondage while masturbating as well as role playing with that same photographer, Isaac W., who ended up becoming the love of my life.

Bondage is a part of my everyday sexual life now. And of course I was doing bondage work for Isaac W.'s website: Centaur Celluloid. That's when we got the idea to start my own bondage website. Isaac likes tying me up and I like being tied up, so it was the perfect idea for both of us. Plus we can get much more racy on my site because I don't mind Isaac fondling me and stuff. I think it's fun to share my bondage fantasies with other people and the internet lets me do that. I hope you enjoy my fantasies as much as I do!

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