Babysitter Natasha Plays Bedtime Game! Balltied in White Socks (then Barefoot!) and Gag-Talking!

15:45 Minutes - 1920 X 1080 - MP4 Format



Now Natasha is barefoot, along with being all tied-up and gagged! She struggles more and falls over onto her side, and we are treated to lots of great close shots of her lovely soles. After a lot of rocking back and forth, she manages to get herself upright again! But she’s still all tied up! Will these boys ever get to bed?

Some cute outtakes at the end!

Natasha Flade was charged with a babysitting job for a friend. In her sweater, jeans and white socks she’s been playing with the boys all evening. Now it’s time for bed, and Natasha tells them it’s time to head to their bedroom for sleepy time.

But the boys protest, saying that there’s a game that every babysitter plays with them right before bedtime: Tie-up! They get to tie up the babysitter! Natasha is skeptical and says she will call their last sitters to see if they’re fibbing. But she laughs and goes along with their odd game.

Next we see Natasha tied up in a hands-front ball-tie, her hands bound to her ankles and attached to the ropes just beneath her knees. She struggles playfully in her predicament for a couple minutes, then asks, “What happens next in this game?” Well, babysitter Natasha is now cleave-gagged!

She can’t believe this is happening to her, but it’s still all funny. She does a lot of gag-talking and wriggling about in her bondage. When she asks why one of the boys is by her feet in white socks (great closeups!), he removes them and runs away!